LAPO.APP Contractor, School, Event Organizer, Properties Developer, etc.
Services CRM, Project Manager, Marketing, Lead, Expense, Timeline, Clock-In
Date December 20, 2021
Website lapo.app

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ease of work provides comfort in expression and improves the quality of work, we always do that at Biru, INC.

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When you do a lot of work that must be finished on time, you will panic and despair if you don't have the right concepts and strategies to get the job done.

Here you need tools that are reliable, accurate, and on target, and all in LAPO.APP

this is not just convenience, but there are many patterns of communication that are formed, good analysis, and even measurable customer satisfaction. You can imagine if they were all in one place and you didn't have to jump from there to there.


  • 2.000 Projects
  • 1.5m Clients
  • 312tb Database

Is everything easy to imagine? Of course not! We will adjust the needs of this application for your company or business, like brewing coffee. We will take care of how to plant until the coffee is ready to be served..

Let's work together to build a better and healthier business with Us

They are crazy, deploying something that should take months can be done in a matter of days.

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Let us leverage creativity and technology to accomplish your mission.

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