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Date December 12, 1991
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Our lives are obviously much more complex than code, but a lot of the ideas for making the code better are actually applicable to making our lives better. These ideas can have a much bigger impact if we use them for our lives.

Life is a way more complex system than software. It is easy to get caught up in the blizzard of things coming at us in life. Take a step back and observe ourselves and our surroundings objectively at a higher level. This higher-level perspective allows us to use our engineering skills to figure out how things fit together, identify and diagnose problems, improve the system, and finally achieve our goals. Remember, we are also engineers to our lives


  • 200.924+ Sheet Codes
  • 87.5g Files
  • 100+ Apps

We have been investing a tremendous amount of effort and thought into how to improve our code so it can run more efficiently, become easier to maintain, have fewer bugs, and be more fun to work with. We discovered many theories and best practices and invented many processes and tools.

When we improve code efficiency, we profile its execution to identify performance bottlenecks. We use profiling tools that track and examine a wide spectrum of metrics: I/O latency, memory usage, the execution time and frequency of a code block, or sometimes even the number of executed instructions.


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